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What is Nutriject?
We are a superior meal prep company who provides anyone inside Kentucky with Fresh, Fit, Healthy Foods.

We allow you to choose from an assortment of Signature meals, many with a protein and carb source and a nice selection of protein and  vegetables only. Once you decide on what you would like, we will cook up your food, measure it out accordingly( Food measured post cooking ), then place it in a microwave/ dishwasher safe container with a pop top which is tightly sealed.

We know that no two people are the same and we can’t take the “One Size Fits All” approach, not when you have a personal goal. So with that said, we here to help you take your body to a new level with the multiple options of food plus different size portions.  

Letting us prep for you will give you more time to spend with family or perhaps more time to spend in the gym or get a little extra sleep.


Do you ship?
We do not ship!

What is the minimum order number?
Please order at least 4 Meals 

What is the max number of meals I can Order?  
There is no max though if you desire to order over 50 meals, please notify us in advance with the number on site.  

How long are my meals good for after receiving?
You have a 5 day use by date, if you do not use in 5 days, please freeze and leave frozen until ready to consume 

How do I heat my meals?
If you are eating them fresh, Pop the top or remove it , place in the microwave for 60-90 seconds but anything more or less is up to you as it’s based on your preference and we understand some microwaves are more powerful than others.
If you froze your meal, Frozen meals 3.5-5 mins, personal preference.  

Can I customize Signature meals?
You can’t personally do this on site but you can leave in the notes section for us to do something special such as:
Replace rice in the Turkey Delight with broccoli.  

Is additional sodium added to my custom meal:
Yes. Sea Salt is put on all meals other than meals with BBQ sauce

Do you use preservatives?
No True preservative though the BBQ sauce acts as one and so does the seasoning we use in the Turkey Delight  

I don’t know how to eat to get me healthy or to my goals, can NutriJect help me with this?
Yes, we can help you, we have designed meal plans, workout programs and gave assistance to those in need for the past 6 years.
Please follow this link: