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Bulk Order( BBQ Glazed Chicken Tenderloin)

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* Bulk Orders:

Want to save some time on meal prepping, this is what you need, this 60oz , 40oz or 20oz Bulk pan of our Popular BBQ Glazed Chicken Tenderloin.
 * Chicken Tenderloin cooked to perfect and then glazed with some of the finest BBQ sauce around the area.

If you have 6oz portions of meats with your meals and you take 60oz
You would get 10 meals out of the 60oz order.
 That breaks down to only $3.25 per serving

The Macro Breakdown for the BBQ sauce is:
1/4 bottle per 20oz chicken:
Calories: 200/ Fat: 0g/ Carbs: 50g(sugar 45g) / Protein: 5g

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